Monday, September 19, 2005

oh no! ive had my apple for so many eons and i forgot to write about it. well theres nothing much to talk about cause everyone probably knows all about its really cool features. that it looks the best among all laptops and that its so sleek that its like an incarnation of a mazda rx-8 itself. most likely they would have seen it in action and awed at the wonderful display. and if they had just gotten a windows operated laptop, they would feel a great sense of regret. if they have an apple themselves, they would feel great pride.

but i do feel that i havent got enough space. in a matter of 2 days i used up half of my storage space. how bad can it get? i bought it with the hopes of it lasting me 2 years at least. if this continues i'll have to spend extra to get external hard drives. and maybe an extra bag to go along with it as an external hard drive holder. now that sucks. i could have bought a powerbook instead.

lemme see. since my date of purchase til now, i won over quite a few people over. everytime i get a chance to unfold my apple, i'll show others the fancy stuff that comes along with your purchase. i did it several times already and successfully changed their mindsets. but it does get a bit boring. i don't get paid anyway haha.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

its just a month into school and i feel like its been a year. maybe even two years cause i can already feel stressed about the upcoming tests just like for the a levels where i felt so stressed that i feel like sleeping all the time. its like that. i feel really sleepy when i need to study.

maybe i'm still dormant, still in hibernation mode. but that can't be right. my brain is like storing up reserves. i think the amount i eat is much more than what doctors reccommend. perhaps my body thinks it's time for another period of rest.

today i had a feel of chemistry practical again. its much more exciting compared to junior college ones. you get to have your personal sink, though quite small, a fan and a light. it doesn't really matter that we aren't assigned a lab partner. it seems everybody on my bench is my partners. even the guys on the other side. we chat across the room hahaha.

but right after the practical was another lesson. man i was so shagged. i just slept although i could see the 20 cents professor looking straight at me. by the way he's called 20 cents professor cause he gives out 10 cents when somebody volunteers to answers his questions and 20 cents when hes in a happier mood. he claims it's his lunch money. i think it's more like breakfast money for his pet cockaroach. hahaha.

i've like french classes tomorrow. maybe i shouldn't have choosen that module. the only valid reason i can think of is that it's gonna be relevant to my ao level french which i'll be re-taking the end of next year. two other reasons i had were because the cost of it is only one point. that would increase my bullying power when the freshmen come in the year 2006. i'll have more points to out bid them with ahaha. the second reason would be to be more proficient in french and maybe impressive some people. but nevermind on that. i can't even convince myself that i'm good.

this comes to show that i'm not any good with languages. man i've studied this language for like 10 years already and i'm still learning how to ask where's the toilet. i wanna get into the stage when i can even convince a french that i'm actually a native french with my smooth accent. that'll be quite nice. and after that i'll try to learn french english. where i can talk english with a french accent. well maybe in postgraduate ahahah.

anyway i should get back to doing my french essay. my last homework wasn't really well done and i don't wanna get the frenchman after my butt cause it can be quite painful.

and i can't wait to get my apple and use its handy translator. the dictionary i have which is titled 'Harrap French SHORTER Dictionary' ain't short at all. i weighed it and it comes up to 2.5kg! thats like heavier than the laptop i'm getting and it doesn't look half as good. not mentioning the absence of alot of functions and the illuminating apple at the screen back.

9 more days! if there is stock.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

today i made quite a big decision. that was too buy an apple mac. so cool and wierd cos ive been condemning the fruit company every since it spoiled my art class experience back in secondary school. i was also aquainted with a mac machine back when i was in hawaii playing some mario typing game. that could have been my first time using a computer so i had no complaints.

but wow in a matter of two weeks i ll have my very own(paid for myself too) white 12" screen apple laptop with the eerie illuminating apple icon at the back. i didnt get the chance to study this piece of art much. and when i did get the chance today, there was even a button which when pressed shows the amount of power left! how amazing. i always thought macintosh came from the stoneage cause the creators couldnt even develop two buttons for the mouse.

but benenth all the glitz and glamour, the laptop hides a terrible flaw. its really heavy for its look. i would give up the eerie illumination to give it a slim down of half a kilo. i wonder why the white plastic weighs so much. oh the website reads that its not plastic. its actually "ultratough polycarbonate plastic" which means " high-grade material used in bulletproof glass". so cool. now i can bring my laptop into a battle field and not worry that it gets shot. can farthor up as apple shield.

although theres like so many flaws with the apple, i'm still getting it. why? cause as someone from china say before, a stray cat, a house cat, just as long as its a useful cat; keep it. so what if its a rotten apple, poison apple, lup sup apple? as long as can 'eat' can already.

well there goes all my hongbao money. saved since my very first chinese new year. brings tears to the eyes. i think its pretty impressive that all that 25 cents made it up to 2500 bucks. i know i should let it balloon to my target of a million but my fingers are quite itchy and i have to get my hands on an ibook. and i might probably take a longer time for it to become a million than it was from 25 cents to become 2500 bucks. possibly because my hongbao is becoming smaller and smaller and my mother doesnt give me anymore. and if i wait, i ll become too old to even use it. not mentioning i might get married and be giving instead of receiving.

cant wait to be blogging on my very own apple during lecture hahahaha

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